10 Slightly Weird Items Real Preppers Stock Up On.

Weird Items Real Preppers Stock Up On

It can be said about preppers that they all stock up on slightly different items. What one prepper thinks is great another prepper wouldn’t consider stocking up on.

Instead of giving you a list that came from one source we thought it would be interesting to get real preppers to share their favorite weird item to stock up on, and why.

Here is a list of 10 slightly weird items that real preppers stock up on, and why they choose that item. If you have an item to share please add it to the comment section below.

1-An Altoids tin with a small plastic container of denatured alcohol to make a small, portable stove. (Jim Cobb)

2-A Land Shark Bag is a patented instant emergency shelter that keeps you warm, dry, and visible to search & rescue crews for miles, on land or on the water. (Rob Hanus)

3-Vacuum sealed Cheetos in a jar. Cheetos make me happy. (Jamie Smith)

4-Meat tenderizer to rub on ant bites. It works miracles.  (Jamie Smith)

5-Activated charcoal is commonly prescribed at the emergency room to absorb toxins in the stomach. During a SHTF scenario, there will be an increase in food poisoning, arsenic, adverse reactions/celiac, etc. (Helen Cates)

6-Binder clips can be used for numerous things.  Keeping bags clipped down, clipping items to clotheslines, hanging items to dry, hooking tarps together and more! (Karen Lynn)

7-Small tin of Vicks VapoRub. Triple use: Medicinal use per the label. Mixed with tinder, it is an excellent fuel for starting fires, even in the rain. Swabbed under the nose, it covers unpleasant smells like spilled sewage or dead bodies.  (Jim Acosta)

8-Dried prunes. Dietary changes and stress might affect your digestive systems. We have four kids, and one of the quickest ways to clear them out is to have them eat a few prunes. (Sarah Anne)

9-“Sillcock keys” or “4 way keys.” Outside of fast food restaurants and gas stations are water spigots that don’t have a traditional handle. This prevents unauthorized people (read “homeless”) from using the water for drinking, bathing, etc.

The water can only be turned on with a sillcock key. Having one of these in your bug out bag may help provide you with a source of water that others won’t be able to access.  (Amy Van Riper)

10-Knee-high (and some full-length) pantyhose. Possible uses include: (1) straining debris from water before sending it through the purifier; (2) use sterilized ones as you would cheesecloth to strain cooled bacon fat or make cheese

(#2 was untested!); (3) tie strips around the garden fence and tomato cages to keep critters away; and

(4) slip it over a leg or knee injury and unroll it over a gauze pad for an instant flexible compression bandage that doesn’t stick and doesn’t show dirt a fast as white tape and gauze. (Kris Alford)

To see 10 more slightly unusual things to stock up on go to the full article here: TheSurvivalMom.com

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