This Brilliant Do It Yourself Instant Warm Water System Would Work Great In A Survival Situation, Or On Your Next Camping Trip.

Here’s a brilliant homemade warm water system for survival situations or to use on your next camping trip. You can bypass the water from an electric camping shower through a copper coil.

The copper tubing may be purchased from a plumbing supply store. Overall this is a pretty easy system to set up.

Make sure to read the note below the video.


Here’s a homemade warm water system for camping, or survival.. It is super easy to bend into the coil shape. Although you won’t get hot water the tap water from the bucket warms up very nicely due to this method. It makes the water just warm enough to use.

If you want to make the water even warmer you can recycle the water back into the bucket permitting it to then pass again through the coil. Everything is shown in the video. This is an amazing system which is fairly inexpensive to make.

$30 for the shower which includes the pump BCF (Boating Fishing Camping) Google search for a location.   You can get the butane gas cartridge burner (from K-Mart) for about $15,

The copper tubing (from Kleenheat gas) is $10. You’ll need around $5 for some additional plastic tubing and $2 for some hose clamps (from Bunnings). That’s pretty good for an instant warm water system. We think you will be very happy with this system.

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