101 Of The Most Brilliant Ways To Use Paracord For Survival

As  you know, paracord is very popular in the survival world. It’s a great survival tool with it’s many uses. We looked high, and low for ways to use paracord . This list is the result of our research.

We’d like to come up with at least 50 (or more) ways to use paracord and would appreciate any other uses you can add to this list.

101 Of The Most Brilliant Ways To Use Paracord

Paracord is simply an amazing tool for survival, and other uses. In the following video you’ll see some outside the box uses for it. Go ahead and watch the video now. If you have any other ways to use paracord please let us know in the comment section below.

Make Great Survival Tools From Paracord Projects

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What is parachute cord and where did it come from?

During World War II, parachute cord was used as suspension cords for parachutes. But, as paratroopers found themselves in difficult situations, they discovered many creative ways to use the cord for survival. Now parachute cord, which is often called paracord, is used in many ways and by all kinds of people.

A really great thing about paracord is that it can be fun to wear because it comes in some very stylish forms such as bracelets and belts. Then if you find yourself in an outdoors unexpected situation, you can just take the paracord item apart and make your own survival tool.

Paracord “550” is the commonly found cord today, where the “550” refers to the number of minimum pounds of breaking strength of the cord. This cord has an inner core and is made up of seven strands of two ply threads. Pay attention to the number on paracord because a lower number cord will not have the same strength as a higher number and may not meet the needs you have for a survival tool. So if you remember nothing else, remember to know the strength of your paracord.

Paracord Makes Great Survival Tools

Making paracord projects can be fun, but it is important to also gain experience with disassembling paracord items. This will help you to be prepared if you get in to an emergency situation and need to quickly make a survival tool.

Paracord makes great survival tools. There are almost endless ways to use paracord when you get in to a pinch. I have described several uses below.

• If you forgot or lose your toothbrush, use it to floss your teeth.

• Paracord makes a good fire starter; you will also need to disassemble a cigarette lighter for the flint.

• If your shoe string breaks replace it with paracord.

• Wrap the handle of your knife with paracord to get a better grip and a more comfortable grip. This will give you more power and accuracy in using your knife.

• Use paracord for fishing line.

• Use paracord to make a shelter by stringing paracord between two trees, then put a tarp or even ponchos across it.

You can make or buy paracord, it is your choice. Not everybody is arts and crafts oriented and you certainly don’t have to make your own paracord items. In fact with paracord items being so readily available and priced so reasonably, it can be a project just to shop for paracord already-made items. Army surplus stores as well as the internet have more choices than you can imagine. Cord comes in so many colors and you can even combine colors to come up with some very eye-catching combinations.

So now you know that you know a little more about paracord you may just start to notice some of the bracelets and belts people are wearing are made of paracord. What will your first paracord item be? Whatever you decide, have fun!

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    You can use the internal strings and weave them together to make a fishing net. Or weave it together and make a hammock. Weave it and make a belt or a strap. Tripwire, fishing line(internal strings), load tie down in a vehicle…

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