8 Firearms Every Serious Prepper And Survivalist Should Consider Owning

Every prepper, and survivalist may want to consider owning firearms. The question that comes up is which ones? In this revealing video an experienced prepper explains which ones he owns and why, and shows you 8 that you may want to consider.

Of course you may not need all 8 of these firearms, and some may be substituted for others. All things considered this is a great presentation, and explanation of “what, and why”. Go ahead and watch the video now, and let us know if you agree, or disagree with this prepper has to say. You may also want to check out the article below the video.


 Three Guns Every Prepper Should Consider for SHTF After the Economic Collapse

If you have three preppers and survivalists in a room, you will more than likely get four different opinions when you start talking about what are the best guns! That being said, there are some things that most all of the preppers and survivalists will agree on, and the first one is that you must have firearms for personal protection. But which gun or guns do you buy?

I would like to propose three guns that you should consider. By no means is this list meant to be a hands-down, ultimate list of guns. However, the guns I am going to recommend are economical and have their specific purposes.

Pistol – The Ruger P95

To all the fans of the Glock pistols, this is blasphemy, as the Glocks have so much going for them. However, for about $200 less than a Glock, this Ruger is a fine, American-made weapon that every will agree is reliable enough to bet your life on.

If economy was the only consideration, then a Hi-Point would be the recommendation, but it is not high quality enough for most preppers and survivalists to consider betting their lives on.

Rifle – The SKS-45

Instead of an AK47 or an AR15, I recommend the SKS for a couple of reasons. I like the price (there I go with economy again!) but this has other things going for it as well. The Russian SKS rifles (superior to the Chinese) are more rugged than an AK47 and have a bayonet permanently fixed, which is easy to extend. If you’ve ever been confronted by a soldier with a fixed bayonet, you will understand what “deterrence” is.

Some people are concerned about the chief drawback of the SKS, which is its lack of a detachable magazine and that it has “only” a 10 round capacity. The fact is, ten rounds is plenty for most situations, unless you are employing the “spraying and praying” strategy of firefights. Also, there are detachable magazines modified for the SKS if you wish, and if your state allows this as a legal modification.

Hunting Weapon – Air Rifle

Okay, you’re not hunting deer or elephants as a prepper in anything like an urban or suburban environment, so an air rifle is perfect. Getting one with a velocity of about 1000 feet per second will enable you to easily harvest raccoons and rabbits as well as squirrels, so your dinner pot won’t have to be empty. Try shooting a.22 or an assault rifle in an urban or suburban environment to get some meat for the table…

The other advantage of an air rifle is that it can give you a stand-off, non-lethal capability from your window for thugs and creeps who you’d like to persuade to stop messing with your car. Having a non-lethal capability is very important, because the overwhelming majority of the time, we do NOT want to kill someone.

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Mike Kuykendall, Prepping Consultant

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