Amazing Time Lapse Video Of World War II Like You’ve Never Seen Before

One can only guess the number of soldiers who died whenever you see the change of colors in this video. It’s most likely the only video you’ll ever see that shows the carnage, and loss of life, that doesn’t show even one person.

We give this video 5 stars, and a big thumbs up to all those who gave their lives in World War 2. This is truly amazing.

Turn up your speakers, the music is haunting. Enlarge your screen. You’ll be glad you watched this!

Side Note-Many people don’t realize the role that Finland played in World War 2. This video shows Finland joining the Allied forces in 1945. Finland signed a deal to end its war with the Soviet Union, but it was never occupied by any Allied forces, nor did it technically join the Allies. Source:  Please see the note below the video.


A Brief History of Finland in WWII

Winter War

The Finnish Army first came to world attention in 1939 in the famous Winter War or Talvisota, when it faced an invasion by a Soviet Army of nearly one million men. The invasion had followed failed peace talks in 1939 when Stalin had demanded Finland cede key territory, bases and mines. Facing a massive Soviet army, the Finnish defender’s fought a heroic David vs. Goliath struggle for four months.

During one of the harshest winter’s seen in the Arctic Circle for a hundred years, the brave and stoic defenders used the –30oC to –40oC temperatures to advantage as they first stopped and then destroyed attacking Soviet columns. 

They skilfully used the lakes and heavily forested terrain of their homeland to channel their attackers vastly superior numbers. The Finns earned a reputation as fearless and skilled fighters. But promised Allied aid did not arrive in time to prevent defeat.   

A second Soviet offensive finally forced Finland to sue for peace. Still, as one Soviet general is reported to have said ‘we won nearly enough land to bury our dead’. 

Uneasy Peace

Finland had defended courageously and inflicted losses of over 250,000 on the Soviet Army. Yet many Finns felt aggrieved by the outcome of the Winter War and the harsh treaty conditions imposed on them by the Soviets. Read the rest at Flames of


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