How To Grow A Green Bean Teepee. This is One Amazing DIY Gardening Project You’ll Want To Try. Step By Step How To Instructions

This green bean teepee is one gardening project you’ll want to try. This is a great off grid project, or for backyard gardening.  This video will take you through the steps of building and growing a green bean teepee.

This healthy, and fun hideout is made of bamboo or wooden stakes, and green bean vines are trained to grow up the twine in between them. Kids can now get excited to eat their vegetables that also serve as a foliage fort and playhouse. Remember though you’ll love this as well!

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Organic Gardening – Tips on How to Grow Beans in a Limited Space

Beans are an easy crop to grow and there is room in any size garden, even when limited space is an issue. Among the hundreds of varieties there are types that will thrive and produce a high yielding productive crop for every area of the country.

There are varieties that will do better than others depending on the amount of space you have. For limited space you can plant a pole bean or a bush type bean.

Pole beans are a type of bean that has a twining vine that needs some type of support for it to climb on. This can be a type of pole or even a type of trellises. Bush beans are a self supporting plant that grows lower to the ground.

When planting in limited space and you are using containers you can simply set a post or pole in the center of the container and plant three to six plants around it or them, depending on the container size or number of poles set. A trellises is also another option with containers by creating a teepee style trellises and planting at each support. Bush type beans are another type of bean that can be planted when space needs to be considered. They can be planted in containers and even window boxes.

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If you have a garden that isn’t very large and want to save space you can build a trellises that is at the end of the garden or even as a garden entrance to let your pole beans grow on. It can be a unique way of adding to your landscape while serving a useful purpose in the garden.

A environment friendly and healthy way of gardening. Organic Gardening is away of gardening in harmony with nature. Growing a healthy and productive crop in a way that is healthier for both you and the environment.

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