How To Make An Off Grid Survival Washing Machine

This human powered washing machine is a great idea. It could come in real handy if the power goes out, or you need to wash a few clothes in a hurry but don’t want to wait for your washing machine to go through a whole cycle.

It’s great to use on an extended camping trip when you want some fresh clothes, or off the grid living. We think you’ll like this project.

I’m sure you’ll think of tons of ways to use it. Best of all this is one of the simplest DIY projects you can make, and cost about $5 give or take a buck to make. Simple, complete step by step instructions are included in this video.

History of Washing Machines

The earliest washing machine was the scrub board.


Ancient peoples cleaned their clothes by pounding them on rocks or rubbing them with abrasive sands; and washing the dirt away in local streams. Evidence of ancient washing soap was found at Sapo Hill in Rome, where the ashes containing the fat of sacrificial animals was used as a soap.


Scrub Board

The earliest washing “machine” was the scrub board invented in 1797. American, James King patented the first washing machine to use a drum in 1851, the drum made King’s machine resemble a modern machine, however it was still hand powered.


Rotary Washing Machine

In 1858, Hamilton Smith patented the rotary washing machine.

In 1874, William Blackstone of Indiana built a birthday present for his wife. It was a machine which removed and washed away dirt from clothes. The first washing machines designed for convenient use in the home.


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Mighty Thor

The Thor was the first electric-powered washing machine. Introduced in 1908 by the Hurley Machine Company of Chicago, Illinois, the Thor washing machine was invented Alva J. Fisher. The Thor was a drum type washng machine with a galvanized tub and an electric motor. A patent was issued on August 9th 1910. View US patent #966677.


Facts About a Few Famous Washing Machine Companies

The Maytag Corporation began in 1893 when F.L. Maytag began manufacturing farm implements in Newton, Iowa. Business was slow in winter, so to add to his line of products he introduced a wooden-tub washing machine in 1907. Maytag soon devoted himself full-time to the washing machine business.

The Whirlpool Corporation started in 1911 as the Upton Machine Co., founded in St. Joseph, Michigan, to produce electric motor-driven wringer washers.

The origins of the Schulthess Group goes back over 150 years. In 1909, they began production of their first washing machines. In 1949, the Schulthess Group backed the invention of punched card control for washing machines. In 1951, production of Europe’s first automatic washing machines started. In 1978, the first microchip-controlled automatic washing machines were produced.

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