5 Smart Lessons Learned From A Redneck Neighbor

No matter where you live you are likely to have one of “those” neighbors. You know the one we’re talking about right? They are just a little bit different in the way they see things.

Personally I think that’s what makes the world go around. It would be a pretty boring place if everyone thought and acted the same. I also think there is a lot to be learned from everyone.

In this post we are going to share 5 smart lessons that one of “those” neighbors named Eddy shared with his neighborhood friends. Eddy is does not consider himself a prepper, or survivalist.

However you wouldn’t think so from the advice he dishes out here.

Eddy is not a prepper, or survivalist. He sure seems like one from the way he looks at things. Maybe being a prepper or survivalist is nothing more than some just good old common sense. Have a look at at what Eddy thinks and let us know if there’s anything you’d like to add.

1-Buy Land

Lucky for Eddy, he has a 1-acre lot that gives him plenty of space to do everything. He has plenty of space to do everything that he desires with his land: have a chicken coup, a couple dogs, a large shed, a garden, and space to have the grandkids play.

He is never short on space for the things that he wants to do. The land enables him to succeed in becoming more prepared for the future. Eddy suggests that if you do not own land to purchase some, even if it is somewhat of a drive away from your home. Many towns outside large cities sell 1-acre plots of land for fairly cheap. “If you do not want or decide you don’t need the land later on,” he says, “you can just sell it as if it were an investment.”

2-Store FoodWhen I think of doomsday preppers, I usually think of a guy in a bunker underground eating packages of MREs (meals ready to eat).

Eddy suggests that humans can easily live off rice and beans, so he has sealable 5 Gallon containers that he pours rice and beans into.

Since Eddy is on an average budget, he simply picks up a large bag of rice and a large bag of beans when he shops for general groceries.

By slowly accumulating food each week, he has developed an enormous supply in just a few years! Between the fruits, vegetables, rice and beans, Eddy can sustain himself for a long period of time.

3-Buy a Truck

Growing up in the city, I have had no interest in buying a truck, but Eddy makes a good point: you can transport nearly anything. He suggests that a car does great on gas mileage in most cases, but you pay for it when you need to transport a lot of material or something large.

SUVs limit your overhead space, so he argues against these as well. Buying a truck that has a trailer hitch on it sets the average person up to succeed. Two top trucks you can get your hands on today are:    * Ford F-150 – Best all around truck purchase of 2013 due to its wide range of engine choices, long-lasting durability, and well-designed interior.

    * GMC Sierra 1500 – Best truck in its class for its range of powerful engines and strong towing and hauling capacity. Although it falls short with its interior design, it compensates with its drivability.

4-Get out of Debt

Eddy studies about the US debt crisis and banking system a lot, and he believes it is going to crash and burn. “They can spend all the money they want, but I’m not going skydiving without a parachute with them,” he suggests.

By paying off your debt, it not only frees you from the debt that you have accrued, but it enables you to save more money for later on in life when you might really need it. Here are three techniques he applies to conserve money on a monthly basis that has saved him thousands of dollars:    * Get rid of the cable bill – By eliminating the cable bill, Eddy saves $50 per month. He still has his internet bill but does any work or information gathering from his computer.

    * Pay an extra payment on the mortgage and pay the payment biweekly – Eddy will have his 15 year mortgage paid off in 12 years, 6 months because of the interest he saves by paying half of his payment twice per month and by adding an extra payment onto his mortgage every year.

His mortgage is about $2,000.00 a month, but by paying $1,100.00 twice a month, he will save a ton of money and be debt free quicker.    * Keep your vehicle for 10 years. Eddy has savings for his next truck. Every month, he puts away $250.00 for his next truck. Instead of getting a loan and paying the extra interest he spends that money he could save elsewhere.

He also avoids higher insurance premiums due to not having a lien on the car. By taking this approach, he is able to keep his “car payment” lower than if he financed a $30,000 vehicle every 5 years.5-Trade Knowledge

Eddy agrees that if we do not share knowledge with each other, then others will be left behind. By teaching yourself, your family and your friends how to take care of themselves if the comforts of daily life were stripped away due to lack of electricity, gas, food or water, you are empowering them to succeed.

Just by spending time with Eddy, I have learned about a handful of techniques such as these that I will now be able to put in my brain’s library. Let’s just hope I never have to test this information out!

To see 5 more lessons from neighbor Eddy go to the complete article at: BackwoodsSurvivalBlog.com


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