6 Ways To Tie A Knot That Everyone Should Know, And The Best Ways To Use Them.

Many people think that if they know how to tie one knot that’s all they need to know. They could not be more wrong. Each of the 6 knots you will learn how to tie here serves a specific purpose. You will also learn when should use each one. In a survival scenario knowing which knot to use could come in very handy.

In all likelihood you may be familiar with one or two of these knots, but chances are you will not know all of them. This video does a great job of showing you how to tie each one.

Once you learn how to tie these 6 knots, and their purpose, they will serve you well for the rest of your life. If you are in a hurry, and want to get right to the how to’s, and why’s, fast forward to the 1:10 minute mark in the video.



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