9 Tips To Go From Suburban Brat To A Full Blown Mountain Man-Survivalist.

We thought there were some good tips here for someone wanting to go from noobie to survivalist. If you have any to add here please leave them in the comment section below. Check out the interesting video below these tips about what it’s like to be of a real mountain man.

  1. First thing is first. Grow a beard.(sorry, couldn’t resist).
  2. Okay, no seriously if you want to add more purpose and adventure to your life. Do things in small increments. The rules in the bush couldn’t be any more different than those of the suburban jungle. Nobody’s going to call an ambulance for you when you snap your ankle on the side of a cliff. Go train with people outside that have experience and build your hardware up slowly. Learn how to use a knife properly and especially how to keep it sharp. It is your tooth in the wild. Every other animal has claws, hooves, fangs, and poison, but you my friend, are a soft hairless ape that has had most of his survival tools evolved out of him. Your only real defense is your brain, so be smart and don’t push yourself out of your comfort zone too early. Be certain about everything you do in the woods. Do absolutely the opposite of everything that Bear Grylls does, and most of all move slowly, think slowly, and keep yourself calm, planning every move ten steps ahead. There are no taxi cabs, kebab shops, or water fountains in the bush. But you will learn. If you are serious about changing your life and becoming a man in the mountains you will learn, or you will die. Either way, it’s better than a life in the city.
  3. gear will mean nothing without proper guidance. Get trained up and get involved with local groups that like to go hiking and camping and such. You won’t become a survivalist overnight.
  4. I really like the website equipped.org. The website is old school so look on the left for the sections.
  5. It’s not the gear but the knowledge and experience that is important. People get too caught up in the gear.
  6. Join your local volunteer search and rescue team if there is one. The training process for that will teach you a lot about survival, and you will get the chance to help others in the process.
  7. US Civil Air Patrol is an option for anyone 12+. They have a renowned search and rescue/survival school in Pennsylvania
  8. Cody Lundin’s 98.6 Degrees and When All Hell Breaks Loose are both good reads.
  9. Go camping with people that have the skills already. Go camping with them until you have learned enough from them. You need to know how to set up a fire and maintain it. You need to know what kind of wood you need to find for your fire, especially when the weather is not dry. You need to know what makes you feel cold and warm. You need to know what kind of food you take with you and why. I’m not even going to keep on going with the list because it’s too long to list all the necessary things. Just don’t go out on your own until you have learned from others IN PRACTICE!

Source: Reddit.com
Photo courtesy of sleddoggin.com


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