How To Make A Great Looking Fire Pit Out Of An Old Washing Machine Drum For Under $6

This outdoor fire pit is cheap to build at around $6.  Besides being cheap, it’s very easy to make. All you need to make this is an old washing machine that has been thrown away (you use the drum out of this for the fire pit), and an old chair that has metal legs.

We’ve all seen those fire pits made out of rocks. We really like this fire pit because it’s something unique. This is real out of the box thinking. This washing machine fire pit is also nice looking as well.

Homemade fire pits can be fun to make, and may be used cooking by simply placing an oven tray over it. It can also be used as an outdoor heater. I’m sure you can think of other clever uses as well. At the very least you’ll have a great conversation piece when your friends and neighbors see it.


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