How To Make A Bottle Lamp For Your Off Grid Home, Or Cabin

In this post we’re going to show you how to make a bottle lamp that looks great. It’s a perfect fit for one of those rustic cabins. It could make a nice addition to your home depending on the type of bottle you use.

This is a brilliant idea, and you’re going to love how this DIY bottle lamp looks once you’re finished with it.

It’s relatively easy to make.

You can use any type of bottle. We don’t drink Jack Daniels, but their bottles look pretty cool as lamps for your off grid home, or cabin. These lamps could even be sold at a swap meet, or online if you need some extra cash. We’ve provided some written instructions below the video, but make sure to watch the video first.

Here’s how to make a bottle lamp (written instructions)

1. Pick the bottle you want to use (This is half the fun). I prefer Jack bottles because they have a unique look and are quite fun to empty.

2. Get your materials together.
a. Pieces of an old lamp, or a lamp kit like this:
b. Glass drilling bits. You can buy at the store or order online here:
c. Empty Bottle

3. Clean out the inside of the bottle and remove all traces of alcohol.

4. Drill a hole in the bottom and feed the wiring through the bottle.

5. Hook up the lamp housing and place it into the bottle.

6. Add a light bulb and shade and fire it up!



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