How To Keep Keep Your Food, And Drinks Cool With No Electricity Using The Off Grid Zeer Pot Method

I’ll have to admit I’ve never seen, or heard of the Zeer pot Fridge. It’s a method for keeping your food and drinks cool without electricity, which of course would be great if the grid goes down.The Zeer Pot method works without the use of ice.

As I watched the video I’m thinking to myself “how can this work?” Well, as you’ll see this method not only works, it works well.

You might be a doubter as well, but as I watched the video and saw how it worked I was amazed. The proof is shown via a temperature gauge. The temperature actually drops down to a cool 52 degrees.

Granted it’s not going to make ice, but it does work well for keeping food, and drinks cool. At the very least the zeer pot will keep many foods from spoiling until the power comes back on.

You can expand the concept by using bigger pots. A great idea that one viewer came up with is to soak the pots in water before beginning the process. This will make sense after you watch the video.






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