How To Make A Laser Guided Slingshot That Even 007 Would Be Proud To Use

This is a pretty cool project, which could be used in a survival situation like self defense, or hunting.  We’ve all seen guns with a laser guided scope however, this is the first slingshot we’ve seen that is laser guided.

Many DIY slingshots are on the flimsy side but not this one it’s heavy duty. The body is made out of an aluminum tube, 6-inch machine bolts with slingshot bands over the top, and an aluminum shifter handle in which the bottom can be unscrewed to hide ammo. Go to the next page now to start making your laser guided slingshot.

This laser guided sling shot would be great for shooting at night. All the instructions are in the video. Please be sure to see the notes after the video that may give you some additional ideas.

Video Notes

Although the guy in the video is joking a bit about shooting pistachios this is a pretty heavy duty slingshot. Metal ball bearings would work very well. Another thing we would do is use thicker bands which would give it more fire power.

One viewer had this to say which we thought was worth showing “2 things: I’d recommend figuring out an adjustable housing for your laser, and adding an arm brace.  These will make your slingshot more stable and more accurate.  The arm brace can be made by adding 2 bolts perpendicular to the handle and connecting them with a piece of leather or cloth”.

At the very least this project could stimulate some thinking about how you could create a really useful weapon for self defense, or hunting.

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