How To Make An Off Grid Solar Pop Can Heater. No Drilling, No Wood Required.

When we stumbled on this solar pop can heater we just had to share it with you. This heater works really well, and it does not require you to cut or drill. You don’t even need to glue the cans. You don’t even need any wood. This is about as easy as it gets if you want some free heat, so if definitely worth taking a look at.

Here what one person said about this pop can heater:

 ” Built one to heat my shed from scrap wood and a glass pane.  It is attached directly to the shed.  I cut two holes at the bottom to draw the air from the shed floor.  A larger hole at the top allows the warmed air into the shed.  Got 165 degrees F within 1 hour.  Didn’t work worth a damn when the sky was clouded over.  Otherwise warm air began to warm the shed”.

Note: The guy above said he used wood and glass. You don’t need either. He just took it a step further. You may come up with an even better idea to get free heat for your home.


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