How To Make Slow Burning Fuses To Keep You At A Safe Distance

The video will show you an easy way to make slow burning fuses. You need a slow burning fuse to keep you at a safe distance from any pyrotechnics such as the DIY signal flare, or whatever else you may be lighting.

These fuses can easily be made from items you probably have at home.

The following video does a great job of explaining how to make fuses that burn slow. This is especially important if you are making any type of explosives.

We like these fuses because they are so easy to make, and can be made from simple household items for the most part, and would be useful in a survival situation, or emergency.

Go ahead and watch the video now to get started. Please read the very important notes below this video.


 WARNING: The maker of the video assumes no liability for use of this content. This project should not be attempted without adult supervision and adequate training. Misuse, or careless use, of tools or projects may result in serious injury, death, and/or permanent damage to equipment and property. Ignition of an incendiary or explosive material may not be legal in your area, so check local laws before attempting. Use of this video content is at your own risk.

Similar to the recipes I tried for rocket fuel and smoke flares in previous videos, I’m using a 60/40 mix of KNO3 and white table sugar by weight. This time I’m making a 60 gram batch, adding it to boiling water, and stirring it in until it all dissolves.

Fuses were homemade by soaking 12 feet of 100% cotton yarn in the solution as the rest of the water evaporated out, then placed on a cookie sheet and baked in an oven at 300ºF for 20 minutes.

These types of devices may not be legal to make or use in your area, so check local laws before attempting to duplicate this project, and as always, be safe and aware of your environment before igniting anything flammable!



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