Veterans Day-Gene Simmons Absolutely Stunning Military Tribute

In honor of our veterans we think you’ll love this stunning military tribute by Gene Simmons. It’s one of the best we’ve seen.

This was shot back in 2008. We decided to post this because you will never see it on the news. If you like this please share it so others can enjoy. Please also see the article below the video.

Facts About Vietnam War – Twenty Five Percent of America’s Homeless Are Vets

Dear Patriots,

Those who honor our soldiers on Veterans Day, Memorial Day, or any other day of the week…

KEEP IN MIND… THIS WEEKEND… that there are sooo many soldiers who have fought and done service for this country of ours, this United States of America, who are NOT HONORED at all.

25% of America’s homeless are Vets, who are sleeping on the ground.

As you honor them?

Take pause… do not just walk past them.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — More than 25 percent of the homeless population in the United States are military veterans, although they represent 11 percent of the civilian adult population, according to a new report.

My dear husband Dennis lives in pain every single day of his life due to Agent Orange. Peripheral Neuropathy due to Agent Orange exposure is NOT honored by the US Government, unless it was reported within the first year after leaving Vietnam. These pitiful soldiers returning back then to a country who tragically hoped they would just disappear, would never think of noticing any tingling.

How does that honor him? How do our TV adds honor Vets?

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As a people who care about our soldiers and maybe ‘think’ you honor and care about them? Ohh, take a listen and do that with a grain of salt.

We don’t honor them in this country, because we as a people, have no real understanding that we don’t.

We don’t!

Think about it for a moment. We only honor them with commercials on TV and special shopping sprees at nearby malls.

We do not honor them.. no! Every single time we walk past a homeless person who is within that 25% of individuals who sleep on the ground, it is then at that moment we do not honor them or even care.

So, whose fault is this? Is it ours? Yours?

IT IS OURS AS AMERICANS…. even though we had no knowledge before of what becomes of our soldiers once they come home.

You do now because I as a citizen of this country am telling you that I live one single case.

Despite the Ra Ra we sing for our Vets in Iraq, we do not honor them every single time that we vote without full understanding of current events. Every single time we do not call our Representative in Congress and lend our voice we give away our rights, our freedom and we show each soldier we do not mean one single Ra Ra we speak.

In Vietnam Vet case? Our shameful lack of caring when these soldiers, doctors and nurses returned. People spat on them when they came back,(yes they did) after doing what they were told to do….. There were no parades.

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EVERYONE WHO VOTES OR DOES NOT VOTE ….this responsibility is indeed HUGE! It is YOURS as you read this. It IS on everyone’s shoulders who accepts the RIGHTS OF FREEDOM.

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