You’ll Be Chilling In No Time With This Easy To Make Homemade Air Cooler. Easy DIY Instructions.

This is an easy to make AC (air cooler), that will help you survive the coming Summer heat. The space cooler you will be making uses a 2 gallon bucket, some PVC pipe, a computer cooling fan, and some ice.

You have several options with this space cooler. When completed you can just plug it in to your wall socket, or hook it up to a solar panel. Either way you’ll save big bucks on your electric bill when you use this instead of your AC.

If you decide to use a solar panel a 4 watt, or higher 12v solar panel will run it. You can pick up a solar panel at Harbor Freight (Google it). The fan shown in the video is a b-blaster 120″ high performance case fan. You can get them at at Fry’s electronics, and Amazon carries them as well.I’ve seen them as low as $4.95.

The 2 gallon bucket holds about 8 pounds of ice, or an 8 pound ice block. This should last you about 3 to 4 hours. Tip: If you want to make your ice last longer add salt to your ice. You’ll notice a metal pot in the video. This was used to catch any condensation (none occurred). If you live in a dry arid climate you won’t need this, although you can place a towel underneath just in case.


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