8 Out Of The Box Uses For Mylar Space Blankets

The mylar space blanket was designed for use by astronauts. Although it was made to be used in outer space, it can be used in a multitude of ways you would never think of.

The mylar material is strong enough to protect you from the most severe of climates, but has many other uses as well. If you are a survivalist, prepper, or the outdoors type we think you’ll find these 19 “out of the box” ways to use mylar space blankets quite helpful.

Make sure to watch the video below the article for more ways to use the mylar space blanket.

Author: Aaron Kocourek

  1. If you have a campfire going, place the Mylar behind it so that the heat is reflected back to those around the fire. Since this material will only melt at 254°C, you don’t need to worry about accidents happening. To get even more warmth, position a second blank behind you, so that all of that warmth will bounce around and keep you incredibly warm.
  2. Purchase a second blanket that you can cut into pieces and use to line shoes and gloves. Your digits are extremely sensitive to cold, and are often where frostbite takes a hold.
  3. We already mentioned that Mylar is waterproof, which makes it the perfect material to use as a groundsheet.
  4. You may not always want to be hot, and may in fact need some shade. Mylar works great in this way, reflecting back heat and creating a cool, shaded area in your camp.
  5. Using rock or soil as a casing and lining it with Mylar can present you with a decent solar oven. Pointing it toward the noonday sun will have the best results, as will using small slivers of meat that will cook more quickly.
  6. That meat might be fish, as strips of Mylar make excellent fishing lures.
  7. If there is an injury in camp that requires a sling, Mylar is more than strong enough to be cut and used as such.
  8. A pretty effective tourniquet can be fashioned from a thin strip of Mylar.

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