Secret Web Site That Allows You To Search Web Anonymously

If you are using Google you may not be aware that all your Internet activities are being tracked. You basically have no privacy while searching, that is until now. If you want to protect your privacy you may want to consider switching to a well kept secret site called is a little mostly unheard of company based in Pennsylvania. Many people are switching over to DuckDuckGo in light of the NSA ‘PRISM’ scandal.

The difference between DuckDuckGo, and search engines such as Google, and Yahoo is that DuckDuckGo  does not share any of its clients’ data with searched websites. Also there is no targeted advertising which throws off search results.

Many people are switching over to DuckDuckGo when learning that the National Security Agency (NSA) has direct access to the servers of big search engine companies giving them the ability to watch users. DuckDuckGo does not share any user info which allows you to search anonymously.

Bottom line, you may want to start using, or another similar page rather than Google, and Yahoo when you do searches. Your results will be better, and you will not be tracked. We’ve included a short video on why one user switched to DuckDuckGo.


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