Compact, Efficient, And Simple Way To Make A Wood Gas Stove…Takes The Old Hobo Stove To The Next Level

Whether you’re living off grid, in a survival situation, or just out camping you’re going to love this version of the old hobo stove. This takes the hobo stove to the next level. This is a stove that is very efficient, compact, and is a portable wood burning stove that uses natural materials for it’s fuel source.

Because of this there’s no reason to take any extra fuel while camping, or if an emergency should arise. This tested, and proven design has quite a few variations, and you can do more with it than some cheap, flimsy stove. Although this is a great stove for those on a budget you can feel very comfortable using it in an emergency, or just as a free stove that you can take camping, or back packing.

This is very easy project for the do it yourself minded, or anyone for that matter. We think your really going to enjoy this wood gas, or gasifier stove. Watch the video for the easy step, by step directions.


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