DIY Backpacker Meals: Never Buy Freeze Dried Again

If you are a survivalist, prepper, go camping, backpacking, or hiking you are well aware of the cost of freeze dried food. Many times freeze dried doesn’t taste all that good.

You’re absolutely love these DIY backpacker meals. They taste great, and you can make up some pretty large portions fairly inexpensively. How it’s done is laid out for you right here.

Each image shown has a description/instructions for making DIY backpacker meals. (You will see a note that says Mouse Over For Image Description. Simply hover your mouse over those words and it will show the description/instructions for that image). So start clicking now to see how easy making meals for backpacking can be.

We’ve also included a video below.

Watch The Video Below And Learn How To Make The Ultimate Survival Food. Lasts For Years Without Any Refrigeration. Go Ahead And Watch The Video Now

survival video

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  • Kathy

    There are no vegetables in this menu. Maybe OK for camping, but definitely not for long term survival in a prepper situation.

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