DIY Secret Log Box…For Hiding Your Stuff

Here’s a great idea for hiding your stuff outside. This video will show you how to turn an old log into a functional little hidden storage container. When finished you will be able to safely hide just about anything. We love this creative idea. The video below shows you how to make it.


Secret Safes To Hide Valuables Right Out In The Open

Expert Author Chris R Hatley

There are several reasons why someone might want to hide their valuables around the house, maybe they have a lot of people coming and going from their house or apartment whether it be family or friends.

Young people who might be off at college living in the dorms or maybe serving their country living in the barracks with lots of other service men and women coming and going.

Maybe they live in a high crime neighborhood or maybe they’re just paranoid, either way that person needs to be able to hide their valuables without having to worry about being a victim of theft.

secret safe

Of course they could place that money in a bank account but not everyone wishes to do that and the last thing someone needs is to get mugged with a large sum of cash on them and lose their rent money for next month.

With all that being said what is the best way to go about hiding valuables in the home especially if someone lives in a high traffic situation such as a dorm or a big house with lots of roommates.

Years ago when I was going to college I lived in a five bedroom house with four other roommates. One of my roommates was in a fraternity and his fraternity brothers were coming and going all the time.

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Myself I was fresh out of the army and decided to go to college right outside the base where I had been stationed so all my army buddies were practically living there also so I people coming and going all hours of the day and night.

The best way to hide money and valuables at home has and always will be the trusted stash can diversion safe or as some might call it a secret safe. All you have to do is pick one that goes with your environment or surroundings.

If the stash can is for a female then something like a hairspray can that looks and feels like the real product will work perfect in her bathroom or in the bedroom.

There are candles that have been hollowed out so they have a secret compartment, for someone who likes to read there are books safes with secret compartments. If someone has a dog they can get a dog food diversion safe that no one will ever suspect isn’t the real thing.

There are so many secret safes to choose from it’s almost impossible to not find one that will look completely natural in any room including a garage or workshop or even the woodshed out back.

Besides the fact someone you know or a friend of someone you know might take your valuables there’s also the possibility that a burglar might break in and rob you of your possessions.

Statistics tell us that most burglars spend less than eight minutes in a home. Reason being, they don’t want to get caught, they’re main objective is to scan the place and snatch anything of value that can be easily carried out and sold for quick cash.

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Burglars don’t have the time to be opening up every food container in the house or dumping cleaning supplies down the sink that they found in the closet.

As a matter of fact secret safes are so effective most police departments even recommend them for safeguarding your valuables at home.

They are by far the best way to hide money and valuables right out in the open in plain sight and no one will ever know the difference.

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