Dropped Your Phone In Water? Here’s A Method To Fix It That Actually Works…No, It’s Not Rice!

At up to $800 and more a pop cell phones are expensive. Statistics show that almost 20% of mobile phone owners drop their cell phones in water.

There are all kinds of methods floating around the Internet on how to fix the water damage.And no, this has NOTHING to do with putting your phone in a baggie full of rice.

This method comes from an industry professional who has saved hundreds of phones with this method. Here’s what to do to save your phone.

If you should ever drop your cellphone in water follow the instructions below. You’ll have a good chance of getting your cellphone back up and running. This WORKS!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Ziplock bag
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (optional, mostly).
  • Salad Spinner (If you don’t have one consider buying one there not very expensive). If you don’t to buy one skip that step (below).
  • Dish Towels
  • Paper Towels
  • Silica. That’s the stuff you find in shoe boxes suitcases, Ikea flat packs, electronics, etc. Save this stuff when you see it. Tip: you can buy silica crystals in 2kg bags in the kitty litter aisle of your supermarket.

Here’s What To Do


1-DO NOT check your phone to see if your phone works. Checking to see if it works will cause the circuits to short immediately. At that point there nothing you can do. 

2-As mentioned above do not put your phone in a zip lock bag full of rice. It does not work.

3-DO remove all accessories, batteries (sorry iPhone users) and sim/memory cards.

If your phone was dropped in sugary liquid (and ONLY if dropped in sugary liquid) completely submerge your phone in 100% rubbing alcohol (yes, I’m actually serious).

You want to avoid the alcohol part if you just dropped it in water as you run the risk of dissolving adhesives inside the phone.

If it was dropped in yesterday’s glass of coke you’ll be just as screwed if you don’t do this step as your phone WILL ultimately stop functioning from the sugar residue, so the iso bath is worth the risk and SHOULD be done.

4-Lay your phone in a bed of paper towels or dish towels in a salad spinner if possible. If you don’t have a salad spinner available it’s not the end of the world, skip step if needed.

Place phone on side against wall of spinner with screen facing the centre of the spinner, we want the liquid pulled away from the screen and towards the battery area.

After a good amount of delicious centrifugal force has been applied (couple minutes, tops) in salad spinner, shake that phone like your life depended on it (keep a FIRM grip or it will end up as a decoration lodged in your drywall) until you’re not getting spray out of it with each shake.

Place in ziplock bag with screen facing UP with as much silica gel as possible for TWO DAYS without breaking the seal. If you have enough silica gel packets, pack the battery compartment with them and place around all sides of phone. Get as much coverage as possible.

Here are the final steps:

DO NOT CHECK ON IT FOR THE ENTIRE TWO DAYS. I’m anal about this, but silica is wicking moisture and we want this the entire 48 hours without interruption. 

5-While your phone is doing it’s drying thing, clean contacts of the sim/memory card with alcohol wipe or isopropyl and paper towel/whatever.  

6- You want to start this process as quickly as possible, get that thing powered OFF. Circuits start blowing pretty much immediately.  This method works. MANY, MANY phones have been saved using this technique. Read More: http://www.reddit.com/r/LifeProTips/comments/1npt9v/this_actually_works_if_you_drop_your_phone_in/


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