Got Fleas? You’ll Love This DIY Flea Trap…This Is Awesome, Easy To Make And Cost About A $1

Seems like the simple things work best. Nothing could be more true in the case of this flea trap. This flea trap works great, and we’ve seen lot of reports from people who swear by this thing. You will be able to make your flea trap with item you most likely already have at home.

If you have a dog, or cat you’ll really appreciate what this simple flea trap does. All the very simple step, by step instructions are included in this video.

Tip: If you have a big problem make several of these flea traps and spread them throughout your home. You can also use cookie sheets instead of a bowl. You can also try placing several in your yard, as this is wear fleas come from. Of course outdoors you wouldn’t use the light. You’ll see what I mean when you watch the video.

Getting Rid of Fleas – Breaking Their Lifecycle Is the Only and Best Way to Get Rid of Fleas

Author: Clive Anderson

Nobody likes the ideas that their pet be it dog, cat, rabbit or chicken having got some very unwelcome visitors in the form of fleas. Let us be honest, sometimes until it starts to be a real problem I suspect that you may have even done the ostrich thing, stuck your head in the sand and ignored it. Trust me; you do this at your peril as this will definitely not make them go away. But, it is not all doom and gloom when it comes to getting rid of fleas and it can be done really easily with the right kind of help and guidance.

Once you accept that they are not a figment of your imagination you can knuckle down to the job of getting rid of fleas in the best and most efficient way possible. The first thing that you really must be aware of is the fact that they are tough little critters and whilst it is simple to sort them out, you do need to be thorough.

So, what sort of weapons have we got in our armoury to wage this particular war to guarantee a win? It is not just about dirt and grime; your pets can literally just pick up these pests by mooching around the backyard. By being vigilant and keeping an eye on them by daily grooming is a good place to start, plus your pet will love this anyway so this is simple but effective.

It will not be good enough to just dispose of the odd one by cracking between your fingernails either as, by the time you can catch one and do this they will have probably already made a decent meal of your poor unsuspecting feline or canine friend and laid eggs in the fur. You need to break the lifecycle so that you can kill the adults and also prevent the development of the eggs or larva. By using this two pronged method of attack you give yourself the best chance to finish them off no problem.

Another useful idea is to use a flea trap and you can not only see the visible results (which is great for giving you peace of mind because you can appreciate the positive results that you are having when you see loads of those little dark dots which equals another one biting the dust) but they are a natural way to do it too.

Flea traps work by mimicking the heat and vibration that a flea thinks is a decent meal (i.e. us or your furry friends) so they make their way to it and hey presto, dead flea. They really are a pretty cool bit of kit as they are not only really effective but they will not affect the environment and are not toxic to other animals or humans either, just brilliant.

Win not just the immediate battle but the whole war in getting rid of fleas whether it is just your pet or your home that needs help, you can do it really easily. No sweat.

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