How To Use A Handful Of Twigs To Cook An ENTIRE MEAL!

When it comes to survival cooking nothing seems to beat the rocket stove. People love their rocket stoves. You can buy them on Amazon and pay up to $160 for a heavy duty version. While they are nice they may be difficult to carry if you were forced to leave your home in a hurry.

This #10 can rocket stove is something you should consider for an emergency situation. If you use the design below, it weighs in at about 1 pound, it’s easy to carry, and use. Give this one a try! We’ve also included a video for another type of rocket stove we thought you might try as well.

Here’s What You’ll Need To Make #10 Can Rocket Stove:

#10 CAN W/ LID – Recycle one or get one from the cannery.
2 LARGE 28OZ CANS – Eat lots of beans tonight
INSULATION – Grab some from the attic.
TIN SNIPS – or anything that can cut metal!
HEAVY-DUTY GLOVES – So you don’t cut too many fingers off!
MARKER – To mark where to cut on the can.

Rest Of The Instructions Here

This video shows you how to make another kind of rocket stove.


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