How To Brainwash A Nation…Amazing Interview With KGB Agent Explains The 4 Basic Steps

In this amazing interview that was conducted back in 1985 a former Russian KGB agent explains the 4 basic steps being used to brainwash whole generations into believing, and acting in a way that leaders want them to.

Our country has been changed in the exact same way as shown in the interview using the 4 steps that are discussed. Watch the entire video, it’s quite revealing.


Mind Control Brainwashing – 3 Common Ways it is Used to Manipulate Others

Mind control brainwashing is a process in which someone uses manipulation and unethical techniques to persuade someone to abide by the wishes of the person in control. Usually, this process occurs to the detriment of the person being brainwashed. Other common names for it include coercive persuasion, though reform, and thought control, among other names. There are various ways in which it is commonly used, and this article will explore some of them.

One way in which coercive persuasion has been used is through the policies of totalitarian regimes around the world. These regimes are not shy at all when it comes to applying force to getting what they want, even if that force is excessive and unethical. As such, they have been known to succeed in indoctrinating their prisoners of war with various techniques involving constant propaganda and torture.

Another way these mind control brainwashing techniques are used is in new religious movements. Often new religious groups that pop up are led by very charismatic individuals who wield especially convincing powers of persuasion, as well as the ability to brainwash others through various methods, one of the major ones being isolation from family and friends who aren’t fellow group members. By being isolated from others with different views, you become more firmly entrenched in the group’s beliefs.

A final example is a less sinister one, although sometimes when taken to extremes it can lead to tragic results. Members of fraternities and sororities in colleges are also victimized and made to endure various examples of psychological and physical torture and humiliation in order to become a part of the group. By destroying the ego through submitting to a higher authority in the group, or through performing various acts that are often humiliating, the individual starts to develop a very strong group identity and loyalty. Often, the excessive nature of some of the physical tests the aspiring members are made to perform can lead to serious bodily injury, and even death. This method of brainwashing leads members of certain fraternities to do things that they would not do if not for the group dynamic pushing them forward.

There are many examples of mind control brainwashing besides the three mentioned in this article. This is a vast subject that also is relevant to sales, military service, and many other areas. In addition, it is important to note that there are ethical ways to influence others that don’t involve any sort of torture or sinister psychological manipulation.

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