How To Grow 6,000 Pounds Of Food On 1/10 Acre…Little Land Lots Of Food!

Imagine growing 6,000 pounds of fresh food on a tenth of an acre. Well, one family has done just that! In their tenth of an acre the are able to get 400 kinds of plants, 4,300 pounds of fresh veggies, 900 chicken eggs, and 1000 duck eggs.

In addition to that they are also able to harvest 25 pounds of honey, plus various seasonal fruits. What more is they report making $20,000 after they eat what they have grown, and produced.

If they had a full acre to work with that would amount to around $200,000! They do all this growing without the use of harmful chemicals. This is a must see video if you are at all interested in growing your own food.


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survival video
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  • audrey

    Your garden is beautiful , also my dream, love the gardening the food is so much better ,not sure if I could grow 400 different plants in Colorado plans to start ASAP

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