How I Resoled My Shoes With An Old Tire

Let’s face it, new shoes aren’t cheap. In a survival situation you may be doing a lot of walking and might go through your shoes rather quick. Either way wouldn’t it be nice to be able to resole your own shoes?

Well now you can courtesy of this pictorial. You’re going to learn how to resole your shoes using an old tire. You can find old tires almost everywhere for free. Once you resole your shoes with a tire they will last for quite some time.

Below we show you 2 ways to do it.

What to Do With Old Tires

Dumps often charge a fee to dispose of old tires, and leaving them around your house (or in the woods) can create mosquito breeding grounds. A better option is to find something useful to do with them; here are some ideas on what to do with old tires…

A. You can make a swing out of an old car or truck tire and some strong rope. Be sure to review the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s “Tips For Public Playground Safety” information sheet, which includes details on safely installing tire swings and playground equipment in general.

B. An option suggested by is to fill tires with sand and turn them into sandboxes. This would have to be a fairly large tire. Put a cover on the sandbox when it isn’t being used (to keep out rain and animals), perhaps using the top from an old metal garbage can.

C. Some people turn old tires into planters. Just fill the inside of the tire with dirt and put a plant in the center. The black rubber helps keep the plant warm; people in hot climates may want to paint them a lighter color. More elaborate planters can be created as well.

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D. There are already plenty of old tires to use for these purposes, so there is no hurry to create any more. Maintaining a tire properly can help it continue to perform its original function for a longer time; see How To Care For Tires to learn more.

Keep in mind that a tire will often have metal bands inside it. When the tires are placed where they might collect rainwater, drill some small holes so that the water can leak out. This will keep them dry and prevent insects from breeding in them.



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