Like It Or Not NBC News Reports ALL AMERICANS Will Receive A Microchip Implant In 2017 Per Obamacare…Here’s The Facts

The mainstream media (NBC News) has revealed ALL American citizens will be implanted with microchips. They say the reason for the implants are to identify people on the spot.

The report says this is necessary to determine you are who you say you are. It does not however say anything about those who are allowed to stay in the country illegally.

Make sure to watch both videos on this page AND READ THE FACT SHEET AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.

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Will the RFID Microchip give to much power to Big Brother? That is the fear of many. People are worried that microchip will allow the government to track their every move. Their is a move by some states to halt this process.

Most everyone is aware that animals are commonly implanted with a microchip.  The RFID Brain chip is already being tested on some people. We said we had some facts for you, so watch the following video now that will show you proof the RFID Microchip is in Obamacare. You’ll also want to see the other facts we’ve collected below the video.



It was reported that the use of Micro-Chips in Bill H.R. 4872 was located on Page 1014 under “National Medical Device Registry” it tells about a “Class II Device That is Implantable” and yes, they passed the bill.

Read Page “1014″ In The H.R. 4872

Read Class II Special Controls Guidance For FDA Staff

With the RFID Microchip they can track the movement of the people that are implanted. They can also control the money and food of the people. It is also reported to be possible to even kill the people that don’t obey.

The HR 3962 Bill is an exact copy of the HR 3200 bill in with the exception of just a few words removed concerning the RFID Microchip but the ability to Chip Every Citizen of the United States is still in the bill.

Open Bill and Read Pages 1501 through 1510

Read Class II Special Controls Guidance For FDA Staff

Read And Do The Research For Yourself

Source: ThePcmdGazette)


Survival Things We Lost To History

Fellow Patriot,

Shock and disbelief has rocked our world in the past years…

Call me old-fashioned, but I completely believe in America and what our ancestors stood for. And how they used to fight back…

The SHTF we all prep for is what Folks Called 150 years ago “Daily Life”

survival video

…no electrical power, no refrigerators, no Internet, no computers, no TV, no hyperactive law enforcement, and no Safeway or Walmart.

I must admit, as a true Christian and Patriot this video really sent shivers down my spine…

Because it exposes a long-forgotten secret that could bring God’s Judgement onto America…

Watch The Video Above Now To Learn More


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Want to know more about how the RFID chip works? You may want to check out this post by clicking on the title below:

How The RFID Works And How It has Already Spread Like A Virus



  • michael

    Lol look at all the theist just babbling nonsense, the only beast I see here are Christians, as for the chip good luck, government can’t even take our guns but you nut jobs think you can implant every citizen. Plz just stupid.
    Any reason to spread your theory’s and rekigous bullshit.

    • Brett Grantham

      Accept Jesus as your Lord and savior. He is the only way. If you keep listening to Satan’s lies you are going to spend eternity in hell.

      • Athiest

        You cant tell someone who doesn’t believe that if they dont start believing they are going somewhere that the dont believe. Thats like telling im going to LaLa Land when i die. Doesn’t make too much sense.

        • Sandra

          Just because you dont belive in something doesnt mean its not real. People read the last book in the bible where it predicted this implant and the coming war between Russia and America. If you dont belive all this so called hype at least take up your belief and read the book of Revelations, if I’m wrong Im a nutter if your wrong what can you loose? I care enough to at least make them aware of what IS coming believe or not.

          • Michelle

            We’ll I’m with the rest of the nuts because I believe , those of you who don’t well May God Bless you anyways. Amen!

          • Michelle

            Please God protect you and fight back as its against our Christian beliefs and NO WAY would I take the mark of the beast, I’d rather die and be safe in heaven so they’d have to kill me first

          • Marlene McWilliams

            I believe. they are going to try to put chips in all of us. I say,me? Never. What if I need surgery, some procedure that I have too be anesthetize do, even an MRI, or exrays ?There are so many ways it can be done without our consent or knowledge.Vote for Trump for 16, he will tear up Obama care and that will take care of the chip. They tried it out on dogs. That is. Ok. For then we can find them if they are lost. If it comes down to take the chip or die, I choose to die. If I take the chip, I die and go to hell. So we won’t be able to get food? Believe in God to make a way. He is an awesome God. vote Trump , God will use him.

        • Trace

          Well you are in for a rude shock, eternal torment, do you want to gamble with that, I pray the Lord will help you in your unbelief before it’s too late

          • Dave

            i believe but look at the where the word hell is translated from it doesn’t mean you go to a place of suffering. if you believe please don’t try and scare people in to believing. It’s not real belief if you are just scared of hell please read your bible and not go off what someone told you before you try spreading the word with fear.

        • Ryan

          you atheists are all the same, on your death bed you will beg the Living God for more life. The only thing that makes no sense is you. Go peddle your nonsense someplace else.

          • Aaron

            You my friend are the stupid one. If you dont think that they (the corporations) are not involved. Then you are what they are hopping for. All they have to do is stop selling to those who are not chipped. You will conform to feed yourself and your children. Go about your ignorance and blindness. Feed from the machine that will control you. You are fighting for this mschine that later you will hate but comply with and to.

          • Aaron

            You are so ignorant of athiests. You are the ones who will hide in your homes prsying to a god that wont help you. Unless if there is a god he will use the athiest to save you. Because they are not fearless of truth. Your religion is part of this mass control. You are its blind sheep getting fucked by your god and master.

          • Kurtis Butts

            All you Christians are the same,you judge and talk down to anyone and everyone who doesn’t ” believe”. Since the beginning of time religion has torn us all apart. I’m no atheist just a free thinker. On the issue of micro chipping yes it’s real it’s a form of population control. Not the end of days.

          • Kerry

            Dave, the Bible describes a lake of fire where at the final judgement, satan, his fallen angels and unbelievers are thrown into. I call that horrible suffering.

        • Darla creasey

          Its all up to you…Do you accept jesus christ as you savior?do you believe he died for our sins?Do you believe there is life after death?Its all up too you…cant no one make you. Believe you got to believe it yourself!!!

          • Timothy Chavez

            I Think we should stop all the talk we are running out of time it’s time to get ready for jesus is return love all you brothers and sisters can’t whait until jesus knocks out all the fallen angels and there leader that’s rite new world order is going Down that’s rite my father is going to take them out lol thank you jesus

        • Rev. D. L.

          Because you have the ability to say you don’t believe; does not excuse you from the appointment thst has already been reserved, in your name.

        • Joy

          You don’t have to believe if you don’t want to, but you WILL believe when it’s too late for you!

        • A AMERICAN

          Well you go on believing what you don’t believe in Mr Atheist & take “your” chip as a “good global citizen” as Satin’s puppet and see what you future leads.

        • Cajunqueen461

          There is a Heaven and Hell! It’s up to you to believe it. God doesn’t force anybody to live for him. But if you don’t live for Him, you will find yourself in hell!

      • liz

        So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.

        Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.

        Jesus said this, Jesus never lied. Brace for impact.

    • Sandra

      Its easy to make people compline when you take medical care, food and money away from you and your family. What the government want They will get I promise you that and no gun will stop the hunger cries of your children. Who wouldn’t think about taking the chip if it was for your family. After all you already carry a chip with you on your credit or debit cards.

      • pcamper

        The chip would be inside your body, not on a card. It would be a foreign object implanted in your body. I do not agree with it or want it. We would be enslaved even more if this came to be.

    • Dog breader

      FYI~ As a pure bread dog breader, it’s a desired perk for people to have their expensive dog chipped. So I got the kit and have done it for some time with a simple painless injection to the puppies. It helped us recover a dog that was stolen while we were away from home one day. The average American gets vaccinations regularly, from simple flue shot to boosters like tetanus. If it’s really part of the law, the medical staff would not necessarily have to tell the patient that the injection they just got was really a chip instead/as well, and you really wouldn’t know most likely if they did.

    • Lisa Saddler

      If your place of employment makes it mandatory,then I guess you gonna change jobs. But when you shop at your local Walmartjust look around at the check out and when you see the additional apparatist there ask the cashier what’s its for. if she don’t know ask how long its been. They wouldn’t install equipment that they’re not planning to use.

      • F

        As a Christian I can honestly say if people know the Bible in the word of God they say they know very well it is the end times the mark of the beast is coming and all you have to do is not take the chip if you die for Jesus Christ like he died for others you will rejoice in heaven that’s the whole thing of the game he died for us now we have to die for him if not there’s no way you are going to heaven I will die for my God because I know in my heart he died for me

        • Kathryn Stevens

          Amen, well said. I believe this to be very true. I believe we will see Jesus Christ’s return, in our life time. Can’t wait.. It’s time to go home to be with Father God and Jesus Christ❤️

        • Heather

          Amen and god will not let his children starve or go with out. I feel sorry for all the people who take this mark of the beast! Jesus is coming! The bibles prophocies are happening! I will go home with my lord and savior i dont care about the worries of not having this chip gods got his children covered!

          • ian

            Jesus christ is Lord believe in him trust in him he will save your souls because he loves you and died for all man kind amen brother and sisters in the Lord he loves every one can be saved by the grace of god

        • Michelle Hammouch

          Amen to that, I say the same, having been brought back snatched away from the light pain free and a wonderful sense of peace, Jesus has taken the dting out of death, I didn’t want to come back but understand that it was not my time as I had a young son to protect but being brought back to the pain ( I had viral meningitis ), it took 3 months be hire I was well and out of pain and forgave the nurse who did it ! My then husband said he wanted to take me home to die not realising I already had for a fleeting time which changed me but gave me peace about dying as its a painless crossover out of darkness into brilliant light.

    • Aaron

      You my friend are the stupid one. If you dont think that they (the corporations) are not involved. Then you are what they are hopping for. All they have to do is stop selling to those who are not chipped. You will conform to feed yourself and your children. Go about your ignorance and blindness. Feed from the machine that will control you. You are fighting for this mschine that later you will hate but comply with and to.

    • Binx

      Starting in January 2017 you can’t go in a federal building without an I.D. that has an RDFI chip in it. Eventually they will say it’s easier to wear it under you skin than carry it in you wallet.

      • Ozpunk

        Exactly..don’t get it in ur hand cuz ur hand can b chopped off..get it in ur forehead they will say cuz if u lose ur head ur dead anyway.

        Cats get microchips but they say animals don’t have souls anyway there not at risk cuz they go to heaven anyway…

        But as always it’s just moving with the times an generation.the RFID chip.all started with tax file number an social security # ..can’t do nothing without it..we all got it…onto these credit cards now.drivers licences etc.u need them if want’s just moving with don’t get the chip u can’t buy or sell, sure u can barter but can’t do crap all if don’t have..yeh I’d start reading all fine print if getting surgery etc in 2017 an onwards cuz they could sneak the chip in us then say well u signed the papers to give permission..u either believe what’s predicted in Bible or u make your own judgement whichever it is just know there will b someone to answer to at the end of all this

    • Betty Langlois

      No way Hosea! Obama will be out and his Obama care out and I am an American not a nazi or Jew and I am not living in a camp or country rubbed by a dictator and never will as long as God is on my side… whoever thought of this nonsense is worthless person for new world order and I will find out who..medical my butt!

    • Justin

      As a follower of Jesus Christ I just want to say I love you brother. I understand that you don’t believe what I believe and that’s ok. I have read the Bible from beginning to end and I believe it as the Truth. My life has gone from ashes to beauty. My priorities are for God’s glory and not my own. By His grace I was healed of an addiction that hurt a lot of people in my life. He redeemed my marriage and my family. Though the discussion has been about microchip implants, I just want to implant love into the convo. Jesus is awesome and I encourage you to see what the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth is all about.

  • Ali

    I see all these religious comments…this isn’t a religious issue…they don’t care if your catholic, Christian Baptist or atheist…they want to chip everyone…
    Pushing religion on anyone is wrong…Not everyone believes the same and should not be judged by it….

    • Rob

      No, they do not want to chip everyone. Only US citizens. There are also those of us that are innovative and would know what it takes to thwart the the chip.
      I have done it on impossible to steal vehicles that supposedly were impossible to steal vehicles.
      Look at the terrorists iPhone, Apple refused to do it, and yet, someone knew how to break into the encryption.
      Anything made by man can be defeated by man.
      The more interesting point is that in my opinion, and I am not a devout religious fanatic, but I do believe in God and Jesus Christ, that this is the mark of the beast.
      They can chip me on my cold dead hands. I am not about to jeopardize my chance of everlasting life in a beautiful world unlike this tyrannical Hell we are in now.
      I am not pushing my beliefs on anyone.

      • gutter tech

        I agree completely you don’t have to believe but what’s sad is we have had these facts written in a book thousands years ago and it’s coming true read my fellow Americans the answers are there this is prophesy Christian’s just don’t want to see you perish it’s out of love. Then you mock them oh yea read the bible it says you will do that too. PLEASE listen and just pay attention it’s all in place. Good luck to all. To answer above post yes my family and I will die smiling before we ever receive an implant even if I didn’t believe. Everlasting life is near don’t wait til it’s to late be right with the Lord before Jesus returns or your begging and crying in the end will be unheard.

    • George

      In the Bible it says if you take the mark or the number of the beast, then you will burn in hell… So you people that dont believe in Christ, all I can say is we told you so, we warned you… When you pass away from this earth and stand before the God of all creation and you end up in Hell, well that is known as the second death. But no one can make you choose God nor pudh you into believing or anything like that. Because the Bible says we, the childern of God are the sowers of the seed, not the harvesters. When everyone is harvest, you wont go to Heaven due to your good deeds, or how well you have treated others, and just because you told people about God and Jesus Christ. To force people to believe in Christ and pray that he becomes their savior is a no no according to the Bible…
      But the Bible clearly states the only way to God is through the son, Jesus Christ…
      But where it says if yoy accept the mark in your right hand or forehead… So that to me says you must agree to take the mark or accept it on your own free will. So it cant be forced. Not all people want to stay on this planet, all true and faithful to God want to return to God. So we wont accept the chip, those who love God. I’d rather have my head chopped off than to accept the mark of man. And later on after all those who received the chip will all be shown that they have been lied to… Those people will feel like idiots… But oh well, everyone was warned for ages…

  • Tammy

    The way I see it we all are going to die it is part of life. People complain and say things…But everyone has to realize if it wasn’t for the father none of us would be here. What really gets me is how people says this world is screwed up…. Seriously people its not the world it is the people in it. This Microchip so what people have surgery everyday and have stuff implanted in them what is the different it is part of Revelation. If it happens it happens if it don’t it don’t either way we going to die. The Government can track you without it

  • Edith

    God is real He lives in me by the Holy Ghost
    Jesus His son gives life to those who believe
    The ones who do not believe are Antichrist
    Know them for the love and knowledge of the Father is not in them
    Hell was made for the devil and his angels and after that the lake of fire
    And those who don’t have the Blood of lamb Jesus

    And hear me God only hears the Prayers of saints
    and a Contrite, Repenting, heart
    He does not and can not help you or anwser your prayers till you ask Him in
    If you have sin on …or…. in you

    Your being\ body is always empty ….you will fill it with what ever you find
    Satan will seek to help you do just that!

    We\ believers Will Be Gone Soon Jesus is coming you will see Him Luke 21….don’t Worry
    There will be no more prayers for you just as you ask

  • Karen Archbold

    I just hope that when the Christians just(poof) vanish before their eyes (rapture)they will see that Jesus Christ is really Lord. If you are left behind and have to endure tribulation use your FINAL chance at giving your eternity to Jesus by refusing the chip. It will mean you have to be put to death or not be able to buy,sell,eat etc…. Read up on the mark of the beast 666. Satan knows his time is short. Prayers

    • Joshua

      At the part where is says “or not be able to buy,sell,eat”, How will they not be able to eat? They might have food left to eat, but after they eat all the food, they can’t buy or sell so that means there will be no food left to eat.

  • Kyle

    The entire world will follow and be marked with an implant. Beta testing will be started in poorer parts of the world first and then brought full swing here. You will not be forced to take it initially it will be optional, but once the church is taken to heaven and the anti Christ for lack of a better name sets ups his kingdom over the world it will be mandatory or you will not buy, sell , trade “work” or travel. You will be given a choice to take the mark “chip” or have your head severed from your body. The book of Revalation is a blessing to anyone who reads it a believer in Christ or even a non believer. But I must warn you before you read it, the book was written for those of us who are filled with the Holy spirit hence it is coded and revield thought the spirit. As a non believe you will find its messages very confusing at times.

    The chip isn’t what’s send you to hell either, it is simbaiic to a mark in anchent times when a merchant would send cargo across the sea when it arrived at port it had the owners or masters mark or seal stamped on it to identify who it belonged to. Now the mark is the same thing you are setting aside your body and soul as property of satin when you die. Just like the in anchent times and as for believers in Christ death and reserrection we are sealed when we believe and repent of our sins and Saten has no claim to us.

    Believers we are embassators to the creator of the universe all things above and below, and as embassators we will be removed before the tribulation and judgment on this earth. So be strong and continue the good fight, plant the seeds of truth at home or work and be ready for no man knows the day or the hour of His return not the Angels in heaven not even the Son. But we will know the times and the seasons of his return.

  • Tina

    Why do they need to track you? When they can get everything on us by our passport and social security card.

  • Holly

    tell you the truth I am NOT getting 1 hours they better not come even close to me with one of those things because if they do I will raise hell on earth if they do they can not make people get them and I will Never get one

  • Aaron

    I have to be monitored on this site for comment content. I thank this site for being apart of the machine to limit free speech.

  • Bob Lester

    Wow, this is scary. People arguing religion and chips. This is all part of the plan. The largest shift of wealth in the history of the world just took place in the last bank collapse of 2008. The 1% now have MORE than before and the average citizen has less. How do you think that happened? Look at history. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BIBLE AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH GREED AND CORRUPTION. It as about human weakness, the flaw in humans. God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Satan, beezlebub and whoever else you want to spew at everyone aint gonna save you.
    Religion? that isn’t a joke huh? Muslims killing people because they are not Muslim, Germans killing Jews, Khmer Rouge killing Cambodians, Christians killing millions during the crusade..fuck all of you and your religion. Your preachers are corrupt as they solicit hookers and have sex with children, your religious leaders cover up the crimes they have committed all in the name of forgiveness so they can rake in more money. More people have did in the name of religion than any other fucking subject or political argument.
    And you have the balls to preach here?

  • Jennarae

    It’s not even about religion it’s about control and anyone who thinks the government doesn’t want complete control should take their head outta their ass. They’d do it in a heartbeat if they could. Don’t be foolish.

  • Chris Edwards.

    Wow. The paranoia is palpable. Just think for a minute, will you? How is that going to happen? Do you realize how impossible the logistics of this would be?
    This bullshit has been floating around the net for years and there hasn’t been any inkling of the program. The NBC report did NOT say all Americans will be required to have a chip implant. The microchipping will be done for people who want it for medical purposes. Damn, some people are so gullible.

  • Scammer hitch

    I.m inclined to agree.
    Because soon we won.t have the Constitution or freedom anymore….
    You never know, as they say.

  • Matt reeves

    I will die before they even attempt to put that chip in me or my family guess we are moving out of country cause will not be controlled by noone they show up to implant them and say you don’t have a choice you are a US citizen I say I used to be until I found out about this now I am Canadian when you dipose of the chips we will come back not until then

  • Franklin

    LOL it has been done already.
    And we pay for it monthly.
    It called a cellphone. 😉

  • Nicole

    Well I guess the government will have to kill me and mine or try. Cause I am not taking no chip I feel it goes against our constituional rights.

  • JR

    Jesus Is Lord the Son of God, accept Him not for the sake of going to Heaven or avoiding hell but for the sake of avoiding being separated from God for the rest of all eternity. Though there’s little time left its still time to use to repent and follow His will about your life. (Romans 10:9) salvation prayer, only if you want to. God bless you all!

  • Tiffany Chambers

    Flee to the woods away from civilization off the land…You should hear no hunger cries….be in peace waiting on the one and only Almighty to bring you home….Guys in religion baptist,catholic,and church of god and etc….accept atheist…In the end it all boils down to worshiping the same God….”With different rules of your religion….Amen…ONE QUESTION TO ANYONE WHO IS ATHEIST..IF SOMEONE SNEEZES IN YOUR PRESENCE WHAT DO YOU ALL SAY? I know it’s not GOD BLESS..JUST CURIOUS..

  • Saint

    Hi! JESUS CHRIST BELOVED is the Son of YAHWEH GOD. That chip implant is the mark of the beast of rev 13:16-18:-) educate thy self. Also the Antichrist has been revealed as ahmedinejad the 6th president of Iran who is running for reelection in 2017 to be the 7th president of Iran. This marks the final empire spoken of in Daniel 11:21 he turned 60 Oct 28, 2016. This is during the 37th anniversary of Iran the final empire. People have already heard the trumpet sounded from the ski I heard it too. There have been enumerable accounts of visions of the end times and the coming Messiah. THE STAGE IS SET please prepare the way of the Lord’s return it is soon even at the Door. Repent and forgive all of all so that you are found faultless before GOD Almighty Amen! He really doesn’t wish for any to perish. Despite how things are in this world YAHWEH LOVES YOU AND WANTS You to come Home to Him. Amen!

  • ian

    Jesus christ is Lord believe in God be born again and live for jesus everyday of your life trust belive that he died for all man kind he will saved you’re souls he love’s you so much god is jesus christ is Lord king of day you will meet you maker on judgement day every knee shall bow every toung shall confess that jesus christ is Lord

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