How To Make A DIY Self-Igniting Fire Starter

This is a great little compact fire starter that is also waterproof should it get wet. These very simple to make fire starters are fantastic for survival kits, or bug out bags. They work very well on those campfires that just don’t want to light up.

What’s really cool about these fire starters is that they have a burn time of 4-7 minutes depending on their size and the type of material you decide to use for the wrap.

Whatever the case they allow you more than enough time to get that fire started even in harsh conditions like cold, and wet weather.

The step by step directions will explain more about how to use these fire starters in rough conditions, however other types of accelerants, or tinder may be used for the wrap shown in the video like cotton pads, or jute twine. You’ll have many different options. Go ahead now and watch the video.

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