Simply Amazing Off Grid 14 X 14 Solar Home You Can Build For Around $2,000

If you’ve ever thought of going off grid this may be what you’re looking for. This complete cabin is very inexpensive, and the great thing about it is there’s no mortgage.

This is an amazing little cabin. You’d be happy to live in this if you don’t mind small spaces. The entire cabin is only 14×14 with a full loft and about 400 square feet of living space with none of that space being wasted.

The downstairs contains a kitchen, bathroom, dining, and living area. Upstairs is a spacious bedroom, as well as an office. There is adequate room for 6 people to sleep comfortably.

The Power system is 580 watts Solar electric and 400 Watts wind power which powers a 12 volt fridge, lights, water pump, TV’s, laptop and a lot of different gadgets. The heat source may be propane, or wood stove. The toilet is a composting toilet, or a septic tank system.

The cabin is made for full time living and is totally insulated for cold weather. This cabin design has been tested in Canada, Mexico and Alaska with fantastic results.

This would be a great starter home, hunting/fishing cabin, bug-out shelter, or vacation cabin. The cabin may be constructed from all new materials for around $2000 (not including windows and doors) and is designed for additions on 3 sides.


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