The Myth About Canned Food And Expiration Dates

As a survivalist, or prepper quite a bit of your money is spent on food storage items. The concern is will it spoil before it gets used? Recently there was a discussion between a couple of preppers who had not looked at the expiration dates on their stored food for a couple of years. They decided to take a look.

They found more than half their food storage items were past expiration. However, their cans were not dented, were not close to heat, and were not showing any sign of rust.

Bottom line after a little research this is what they were able to find out about canned foods and expiration dates. Be sure to watch the video below the article to see which canned food last the longest.

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you do the grocery shopping in your house, chances are you pay attention to expiration and sell-by dates. But those dates on the packaging don’t always mean the same thing, and as 3 On Your Side consumer reporter Jim Donovan finds, you could be tossing good stuff away.

Connie Mogull says she’s careful about eating food stored in her refrigerator.

“If its been there for a while I do look at the date before I serve it. If I have any doubts in my mind I just let it go,” said Mogull.

Whether it says “sell by” “use by” or “best by”, the dates that follow can really get confusing.

Food safety expert, Brian Buckley says you shouldn’t assume things have gone bad just because it’s beyond the date on the package.

“An enormous amount of food gets discarded because of these dates and its really a shame because its perfectly fine, edible, wholesome food but people see the date and react to that,” said Buckley.

He says the only foods required to carry an expiration date are infant formula and some baby foods. Read More


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  • mtnchild

    Thanks for all the information you have packed into this site … it is probably several months reading as of this date, and then there’s the new stuff you post.

    If you buy food packaged in cardboard, I would advise that it’s repackaged into air tight containers. I’ve had old boxed food and it DOES taste like cardboard. I either store these foods in jars with oxy eliminators or I vacuum pack. I dehydrate a lot of foods and currently store them under dressers with legs.

    Thanks again for all the info you have gathered.

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