Heck Of An Idea!…Bread Clip Power Cord Labels To Keep You Organized

This isn’t survival topic but it will make surviving life a little easier. If you have a computer, TV, or entertainment system you’ve probably got power cords all over the place. If you’re like me you don’t know what cord belongs to what. So enter the bread clip power cord labels. This brilliant idea will help keep all those cords organized.

What you need to make your Bread Clip Power Cord Labels:

  1. Bread Clips (after you are done using them for bread…we don’t want stale bread unless you are making croutons!)
  2. A Permanent Marker
  3. A Power strip that has cords that need labeled

How to make your Bread Clip Power Cord Labels:

First you need to use a permanent marker to write the corresponding name to the type of power cord you are labeling. Next you need to double check that the label and the cord match, and then hook on the bread clip label. It is as simple as that! Read the entire article at: http://pintriedit.com/bread-clip-power-cord-labels/
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