Amazing Pyramid Fire Technique. You’ll Never Build A Fire The Same Way Once You Learn How To Do This!

This video is going to demonstrate how to make what is known as the pyramid, or upside down fire. Once you learn how to make a pyramid, or upside down fire you’ll never go back to making a fire the old way.

I can already here some people screaming “that fire is not upside down”. Well, you are right! This fire however, does burn from the top down.

This type of fire actually does have some very useful applications. We’ve listed these applications below the video. So watch the video now and learn how to make that pyramid fire.

Practical Reasons For Making The Pyramid/Upside Down Fire

1. Cooking – as this fire heats up it will consume itself from the top down allowing it to stay very hot considering the fuel it consumes is below it.
2. Fireplaces – due to the nature of the fire burning top-down it generates an immense amount of heat and does not require tending.
3. Windy conditions – although it seems counter intuitive this fire does very well in high wind conditions.
4. Snow and ice – with snow on the ground you want the heat of the fire to be removed from the frozen ground.
5. NO BABYSITTING – my most favorite aspect of this fire is not needing to babysit or mess with the kindling or logs. This give your more time to worry about cooking or visiting with friends. Check out this video for a side-by-side comparison of the pyramid fire verses the tee-pee fire:

6. Very hot! – because logs are not covering the fire and the coals are top this fire burns hot.


“Most People Don’t Have The Guts To Try This Survival System”

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