How To Make A Homemade Water Distiller For Under $20. Turns Dirty Water, Or Salt Water Into Clean, Pure Drinking Water

This homemade water distiller will turn dirty, and salty water into drinkable water really fast. It may be powered by a kitchen stove, rocket stove, campfire, or a homemade parabolic dish in disaster, or survival situations.

This homemade water distiller is very easy to make, and only costs about $20 to make. You can see these being sold in stores for $180, or more.

A few words of CAUTION when making this water distiller, along with a few tips. Do NOT use a plastic collection jar or bowl, as it will melt them or warp them.

You don’t want to breathe the BPA fumes coming from plastic. DO NOT touch the copper pipe as it gets VERY HOT.

If you use a bigger glass jar, or bottle you can collect more water vapor. DO NOT seal it (the jar), as you need to let some of the vapor to escape to avoid a rapid build up of high pressure. Watch the video for the easy step by step instructions.

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