How To Make A Primitive Bushcraft Birch Bark Bowl

Making a primitive bushcraft birch bark bowl is one of those skills that may come in handy one day. It is also a fun weekend project to work on with the kids.

This video contains step by step instructions on how to make a primitive free standing birch bark bowl. This bowl can be used as a cup as well though it is more useful as a bowl.

It will sit upright on a flat surface unlike most of the birch bark liquid containers demonstrated on the net. To make this bowl it might be easier to first practice the design using a standard sheet of paper a couple of times.

Birch bark if handled too much in the wrong way can lead to splits and cracks, therefore, a finished vessel that leaks and won’t hold liquids.


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  • Robert Gomez

    Always something positive,productive and useful. Look forward to your videos,tutorials , suggestions. Hope to share some of my own ideas with you at some point. Knowledge preparation and a cool head are the key to any survival situation. Learning to use the whatever your surroundings may offer you are key, as well as adaptability. If your attempt fails regroup and use the materials for something else . As time progresses obviously some.of us become more aware of the need to ready ourselves for “things” to come remember our ancestors used these very same skills on a daily basis and some of these ideas were actually a luxury for the times, simpler times. When there was no waste of materials and time. Thanks again. Additional question and note: if the bark were to be moistened wouldn’t it make it more plyable and.easy to shape or would it weaken the integrity of it’s construction ? Please forward a reply. And to the rest of us out there please take a minute to add your thoughts ,the more Inthe conversation the more ideas to kick around. Enjoy and keep up the good work. Thanks again Barterbob

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