Instant Toothache Relief! Some People Swear This Is The Best Home Remedy For A Toothache They’ve Ever Tried!

People actually swear that this toothache remedy works INSTANTLY. It does taste horrible, but if you follow the easy directions you should not have any problems. This is meant as a temporary fix until you can see a dentist. If you want to keep your teeth see you dentist ASAP. MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS IN THE VIDEO.

With that said here is what one person who tried this home remedy for a toothache:

Watched this video and ran to the store and tried  it and it worked!! I had a very bad tooth ache and have tried many medicines and remedies and nothing worked!! I was in so much pain I even thought of committing suicide J/k but u get what I mean , I even was trying to pull my tooth out with pliers! , I just couldn’t take the pain? You are my hero!! I swear instant pain relief!!! Thanks!!!

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