EASY Car Dent Removal Technique You Can Do Yourself And Save $1,000’s

Before you go out and perhaps spend a $1000 or more you’ve got to try this amazing DIY car dent removal technique. With just a little work it could save you a bunch of money. You don’t need ANY expensive tools. In fact you’ll be surprised with the things you need to complete this. More than likely you already have what you need at home.

Now, full disclosure here. This does not work on every dent, on every car, or truck. There are some variables that come into play which are explained in the video. This DIY dent repair technique works best with plastic parts that soften up enough in low heat, and where you can get to the other side of the panel to gently push out the dent!

Most car doors are made of metal and are that the inside of the panel is significantly more difficult to access if you don’t know how to disassemble your car… Cars such as a Prius that use plastic on their bumpers get excellent results as you’ll see in this video. Here’s what a few people have said after trying this car dent removal technique that was not a Prius:


This actually worked on my Ford Focus 2013. Someone hit my car in the shopping mall and left a hell of a dent in the rear right hand corner bumper that was very deep. Rang up insurance (Youi) and they said I would need to pay $700 excess because I didn’t get the drivers details. So after that pathetic phonecall, I took matters into my own hands, watched this video and then got my wife’s hair dryer on the dent for 30 seconds. After that I reached up inside the back of the car and found I could push the dent out from inside quite easily. Within seconds, the dent was GONE. All I have now is a scuff mark on the rear light (only visible when I put a light directly on it.) But at least I don’t have to pay a cent for repairs! Great video!

It took 15 min. to get the dent out the size of a basket ball. I did use a heat gun instead of a blow drier. Thank you again.
I had to go buy a heat gun from Home depot and even that took a few minutes to heat up a small area at a time.  The space heater only made it warm..what a joke.  I could never have imagined that was sooo easy to fix. Now I have a heat gun to. Thanks so much for the video.  I used some car wax and carb cleaner to get out the paint from the other vehicle.  It’s almost like nothing happened to it…what a difference. Source

Bottom Line

Give this technique a try before spending a lot of your hard earned cash at a body shop. You have nothing to lose by trying it. It worked for others, and it may work for you. After you watch the video there is a great tip to speed up the process which we’ve included below the video

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Hot Tip

A heat gun will definitely be faster and is a good option. The only tricky thing is that it can get hot enough to possibly hurt the paint job or the operator. If you’re careful, it should really help.



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  • Steve Massimini

    This is very nice. I can now save dollars for a dent removal. Thanks for this idea. You give me a good one. Great!

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