Simply Brilliant Way To Temporarily Some Bad Teeth for Under $3

Sometimes you have to just do what you can to survive in this life. Imagine for a moment you have a job interview tomorrow and you have some chipped, broken, or missing teeth that could keep you from getting the job. That shouldn’t disqualify you from getting the job, but in today’s society it’s a reality.

Now let’s suppose you don’t have dental insurance, or a lot of cash to get those teeth repaired just yet. Enter this simply brilliant way to temporarily fix those teeth. Obviously this not a permanent fix, however it does serve a useful purpose. FYI, this scenario above is true, and the guy in the video did get a job paying $15 per hour.

That’s not a lot of money, but in today’s economy I know some pretty educated people that are struggling to make that. If you have great teeth be glad. Not everyone is so fortunate.  So watch the video now to see how this amazing tooth repair technique is done. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS A TEMPORARY FIX and not a permanent solution.

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