The Government’s War On Sustainable Communities And Those Living Off Grid…Your Personal Freedom Is At Risk

It’s simply amazing to us that those who want to live off grid, or live in a sustainable community run the risk of being penalized by the government. It’s absurd, silly, but true.


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Take the case of Robin Speronis of Cape Coral, Florida, who also happens to be a widow. Robin has been able to live totally self sufficent for a few years now. She has been off grid and be able to stay in her home.

Robin has sustained herself cooking with propane, collecting rainwater. For power she uses solar panels, a couple of marine batteries, along with 2 inverters.

Here’s where Robin’s troubles began. She’s written 3 books on how to live off grid, and granted an interview to a Fox News affiliate to talk about the way she lives.

The day after the interview, the city of Cape Coral voted to evict her from her home, declaring it was uninhabitable, despite the fact that they had never inspected the property. The eviction papers were a laundry list of charges, which Speronis fought. She was also billed for utilities that she didn’t use, need or want. The city cited the International Property Maintenance Code, which essentially requires individuals to be connected to city resources or an approved alternative. She refused to pay the charges and liens were placed against her home.

In a hearing, Special Magistrate Harold Eskin ruled that the majority of the charges were without merit and the infractions regarding not being on the city’s power grid and sewer system were dismissed. The only charge of which she was found guilty was not being hooked up to the city water system. So basically, she’s been ordered to connect to city water, even though she does not and will not use it. To be fair, Speronis did use the city wastewater system. In retaliation, the city came out and capped her sewer. Undaunted Speronis said, “I know how to live off the grid completely and I have the tools in my home to do it, so on that level it’s no big deal.”

Attorney Todd Allen has taken her case and the outcome is still up in the air. Unrelated to the eviction, Speronis was found guilty of larceny in 2012 for not returning a deposit in a real estate transaction that fell through and had her real estate license revoked. Whether the city of Cape Coral will attempt to use that in the fight is a question as yet unanswered. Read the rest of the story here:

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The State’s War on Sustainable Communities

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