Attorney Spills His Guts On How To Really Beat A Speeding Ticket in Court


How To Beat A Speeding Ticket In Court

If you’ve ever received a speeding ticket you know how expensive they can be. Even with a speeding ticket being expensive most people just pay it, and move on.

They don’t think they can beat their speeding ticked in court. When I first saw the title for this video I’m thinking “yeah sure, another attorney trying to drum up business”.

I was very surprised when I watched the video, because this attorney does spill his guts and gives some really good tips to beat your speeding ticked in court. The things he shows you could actually work. It’s a short video with some really good info.

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How To Beat A Speeding Ticket In Court – Top Strategies

Getting a ticket is really rotten. Understanding the strategies of beating a speeding ticket in court is priceless. Imagine going to court and hearing those sweet words of “case dismissed”, along with the rap of the gavel from the judge. Winning is indeed sweet. You can win easily if you know how the system works and have all your strategies ready.

The first thing to remember is that the system is about taking your money. Not about justice. This should be a good motivator for you as you fight your speeding ticket. Here are the top strategies that will show you how to beat a speeding ticket in court:

  1. Rule #1 is to never admit guilt. For example, don’t ever say that everyone around you was going 15 mph over the limit, so why were you singled out. If the judge or prosecutor asks your speed, don’t lie or say a speed that is over the speed limit. Just say you don’t exactly know, but you thought you were going a safe speed.
  2. Always plead not guilty to the summons you receive via mail. This is the first crucial step in beating a speeding ticket in court.
  3. Delay going to court as long as possible via a Motion To Continue. The longer you delay the case, the less likely it is that the officer will show up. If they don’t show up, the judge will almost always dismiss the case. At minimum, the officer will remember less about your case. This increases your odds of winning since you will use his lack of memory of your case against him.
  4. You can plea bargain with the prosecutor before the court case to a lesser charge and fine. You can do this if you can’t bring yourself to challenge the officer in court. For example, you can likely have a speeding ticket changed to a non moving violation just by asking the prosecutor. You just need to know how.
  5. You can agree to driving school, so no fine or insurance premium increases in most states. Talk to the prosecutor’s office before your court case.
  6. In some states, you can plead no contest and only get charged the court cost. You’ll still get the insurance premium hit though.
  7. Go duke it out in court rather than pay the fine. If you are going to court, make sure you are well prepared for beating a speeding ticket in court. The prosecutor’s strategy is pretty standard and so is your defense. You just need to know how the system works.
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Yes, getting a speeding ticket really is rotten, but beating the system and WINNING in court is so sweet. Learning the approach for Beating a Speeding Ticket in Court really isn’t that difficult. With all the right information, it’s easy and it can be fun beating them at their own game.

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