How To Make Mouth Watering Beef Jerky…Best And Tastiest Way To Preserve Meat For Food Storage

Beef jerky is an outstanding method to preserve meat that does not require any refrigeration if done correctly. This method for making beef jerky is used all over the globe with various types of meat, and is fairly simple to make.

It can be as easy as rubbing the meat you’ve selected with salt and drying it with a solar dehydrator, or smoking it over a low fire. In a survival, or disaster situation, jerky could be a fantastic item to barter. Be sure to see the mouth watering recipe for beef jerky below the video.


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Mouth Watering Beef Jerkey Recipe

1/2 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup worcestershire
1/3 cup lemon juice
1 Tbl. liquid smoke
1 tsp. pepper
4 cloves fresh minced garlic
1/2 – 1 tsp. Morton’s Nature’s Seasons seasoning blend
2 Lbs. lean meat (no pork, bear or meat that could have parasites that require high temperature processing)

Combine first 7 ingredients (adjust according to personal taste if desired) .
Arrange meat in a marinade pan and pierce with fork to allow marinade to better penetrate. If you like your jerky very spicy, now is the time to spinkle additional pepper.
Pour marinade over meat and soak for 24 hrs, flipping marinade tray over after 12 hrs.
Spray trays with Pam. Place meat on trays and dehydrate at 155F to 165F for around 4 hrs.
Be sure to share with friends and family. Enjoy! Recipe Source



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