How To Start Your Own Survival Container Garden

There’s a major drought going on in California. In case you didn’t know, more than half of the nations vegetables, and fruits are grown in Central California. Right now Central California is not getting any water for their crops.  Without a doubt you’re going to see one heck of a price increase in fruits, and vegetables this Fall, if not sooner.

So, you have a few options. Stop eating fruits, and vegetables (not recommended), pay the high prices or start your own survival container garden. Container gardens are great no matter where you live whether it’s a house, condo, or apartment. Container gardening will save you a lot of money.

For about 3 bucks you can get a pack of seeds that will last a long time, and provide you with some delicious vegetables. The 5 best container vegetables for a beginning survival garden are:

  1. Rolande bush bean
  2. Jade Gem lettuce
  3. Pot of Gold chard
  4. Astia zucchini squash
  5. Bush Slicer cucumber

You can easily start them from seed, or you can even buy them as bushes ready to go for a few dollars each, just start watering, and fertilizing.  You can get them on Amazon at the following link.

Full disclosure, if you purchase at the link that follows we make a few cents (literally) which helps support our site. Container Bush Vegetables From Amazon.  Make sure to watch this short video which shows you EXACTLY how to easily start your own survival container garden





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