16 Unconventional Survival Uses For Plastic Sheeting


In this post we are going to take a look at 16 different ways you can use plastic sheeting.

Part of being a good survivalist is being able to take common items and find different ways of using them.

We think you’ll be surprised at some of the ways you can use can use plastic sheeting.
If you are unsure of what you want the plastic sheeting for but would like to have it handy for an emergency or other need you may want to think about picking up the following sizes:

    1 Roll thick, Clear (6 mil), 10 ft. x 25 ft.
    1 Roll thin, Clear (3.5 mil), 10 ft. x 25 ft.
    1 Roll thick, Black (6 mil), 10 ft. x 25 ft.
    1 Roll thin, Black (3.5 mil), 10 ft. x 25 ft.

After seeing the 16 different ways to use plastic sheeting you may have a better idea of
the sizes you want.

16 Unconventional Survival Ways You Can Use Plastic Sheeting:

Shelter, Tarp and Ground Sheet

Plastic sheeting is not a great substitute for a tarp or ground sheet, but can serve in that role. A couple of rolls of sheeting can make a quick expedient shelter for a large number of people or equipment. Not as good as an actual tent or tarps, but much better than having nothing for protection against the elements of wind and precipitation.

One issue is securing them in place, as they have no grommets or stake loops. If you pack tarp clips with your plastic sheeting, most of these will work well for providing tie-down locations. Rocks usually work well for keeping ground sheets in place.


    You can easily pound a stake through the sheeting, but this may lead to tearing, which is why setting rocks on them is better.
    Make sure to test your tarp clips with the thickness of sheeting you have to confirm it provides a secure hold.

Covering Large Containers, Wood

Likewise, you can use this sheeting to cover your expedient water (or other) supplies to help keep them free from debris. As when using as a tarp, you need to find a way to secure the sheeting so that it doesn’t blow away with the first wind. Similarly, you can use in place of a tarp to keep wood that is being seasoned dry.

Waterproofing Large Containers

If you have a kiddie pool or other large container that has a leak, you can line it with plastic sheeting and make it waterproof again. This container can then be used for water storage, fish pool, or any number of uses. For this use, thicker sheeting will be more resistant to punctures. If you have two containers that are leaking and nest together, you can sandwich the sheeting in between them. This stops the leak while better managing the flimsiness of the plastic sheet.

Rain Collection

Though it may seem like we already covered this above, collecting rain is something different. The best way to collect rain is with a large surface area. This allows you to collect as much as possible. While rainwater collected from rooftops is good for the garden, with all the bird feces and other contaminates present in roof runoff, it’s not too good for drinking. At least, not without a lot of processing to make it safe to drink.

Suspending plastic sheeting horizontally, with one corner lower than the others, will allow you to collect rainwater efficiently. The hard part (hopefully) will be having enough container space to store all the water you’re collecting.

Winterizing Windows And Doors, Closing Off Rooms

This common, everyday use can also be important during a survival scenario such as a winter storm power outage or even a furnace breaking down. If you’re relying on an alternative heating source, perhaps a kerosene heater or small fireplace, you’ll want to make that room as small as possible and block drafts from doors and windows.

With the open floor plans of today’s newer homes, closing off a room may not be as easy as closing a door. You can, however, make the room smaller by hanging plastic sheeting. While not thermally efficient (meaning insulative), it does limit the air flow, which keeps the warmer air in the room and not escaping to the rest of the house.

To view more ways to use plastic sheeting see the full article here: TheSurvivalMom.com

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