2 Simple, And Effective Ways To Escape From Zip Ties


You never know when you’ll run into a situation where you have to escape from zip ties. Perhaps you’re the victim of a home invasion and need to escape quickly so you can grab your firearm, or maybe you’re at a party and just want to impress your friends. Either way you now will be able to escape those zip ties.

Here are 2 ways to break free from zip ties in less than 5 minutes. Actually one of the ways will show you how to escape in seconds. Escaping zip ties is easy and can be done by just about anyone who finds themselves in a bad situation where they they have been held with zip ties (or any plastic restraints).

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  • BillyH

    There is a real problem with this as the ‘police’ use 2 linked and tighten one on each wrist so that this method will NOT WORK!

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