3 Homemade Cheap, And Practical Wind Powered Water Pumps

Trying to find a cheap, and practical wind powered water pump was quite a challenge. We we’re up to the task and found something that was worth sharing with you.This would be a great idea for off grid, or sustainable living.

Shown here are 3 different windmill water pumps. Hopefully you will get some good ideas from all 3 methods and come up with your own version.

Here are the 3 different ways people have made their wind powered water pumps. Version #3 is the most efficient of the 3. We’ve included all 11 videos in the series if you decide to go that route.

Version #1-Creative lady makes the pump from spare parts

She needed to make a few changes.

Version #2-Another person who also used spare parts:

Version #3-Here’s a more efficient version:


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  • Fred Vitsitsi

    I am layman in this field but through you I would appreciate if you would teach me to build my own windmill pump system

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