Best Way To Hold A Semi-Automatic Handgun. Simple Instructions Will Have You Holding It Like A Pro In No Time

This is one of the best instructional videos we’ve seen for how to hold a semi automatic handgun. One viewer said this “This is the best description I have seen. My wife actually understands it! Thank you”.

This instructional will not only show you the best way to hold a semi automatic handgun, but will also give you 2 options for positioning your thumbs. The thumb positions will depend on whether you are an Isosceles or Weaver shooter.

The following instructional does not go into to very much detail about the shooting stances, so you will need to have a working knowledge of each of them.

One item not covered in this instructional video is that you do not want your thumbs ending up behind the slide (wrapped around your firing side wrist) or you will get a bloody thumb. It will only happen once.


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