How To Make A Small Wood Stove For $5. This Is Awesome, And Very Easy To Make

We think this is an awesome design for a small wood stove. With a price to make it at around $5 it’s hard to beat. This would be great to use in a disaster situation, or for a portable camping stove.

Some people may prefer a DIY rocket stove because with this stove you have to pick up your pot or pan to fully reload your fuel supply vs the bottom feed of a rocket stove. However it only takes a few seconds and burns for 10-12 mins per “fill-up”.

Something else to think about is this small wood stove has the benefit (over the rocket stove) of not needing to remove the ash nearly as often (every couple of hours vs. once every 8 hours (assuming continuous burn) due to it’s large “storage area” for the ash under the burn chamber. This will be much clearer once you watch the video.

This DIY Tin Can Wood Stove is made using only 2 cans! No special tools required. Easy DIY. Cost $5.00. only fuel needed is twigs, leaves and small sticks.

Works by pulling air in through holes drilled in the center section of the larger can – then into (and up through) the smaller “inner” can. This small, portable and powerful. stove will burn for 10 to 15 mins on each “fill up”.

It was designed to be a fully self-contained. (all ash collects in the bottom third of the gallon can – for easy disposal). wind and “light rain” resistant. only tools needed: drill, tin snips & pliers. was $4 for the gallon paint can (at ace hardware) and $1 for the smaller can (dollar store).

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