How To Make A Tune-able Crystal Radio That’s Cheap, And Easy To Make

Having a radio with you that works could provide you with valuable information in a disaster, or survival situation. We highly suggest you have a good radio as part of your survival plan.

Knowing how to make a tune-able crystal radio may come in handy one day. It’s not that hard to build. This would make a great weekend project. This video comes with complete step-by-step instructions for making a tune-able crystal radio.

This is a radio that gets its power from the radio waves.

This crystal radio is almost made entirely from junk except for the diode (1N34 germanium diode) and the earpiece (though you can use a speaker from a phone instead.)

The capacitor is made from aluminum foil and a paper towel roll. The coil is rolled on a toilet paper roll. The wire is enameled magnet wire. For the antenna I use a 15 foot wire laid out on the floor. For the earth ground I connect a wire to the ground in the household wiring.

Video: How To Make A Tune-able Crystal Radio 

For this circuit, the diode must be germanium. The following is a partial list of germanium diodes that should work:
1N34A, 1N60, 1N91, 1N119, 1N270, 1N277, 1N283

The following are not germanium diodes and may need a long antenna or a powerful radio station nearby to work:
1N4148 (silicon, found on a lot of circuit boards), B16 (zener diode), 1N5060 (avalanche diode)

The crystal earpiece (piezoelectric earphone) and/or 1N34 germanium diode and/or air core variable capacitors can be ordered from these sources:……

You can find the circuit diagram shown in this video on this page:

Give this a try, it makes a great weekend project.


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